Geosoils Consultants

The Springs
Palm Springs, California

Project Geotechnical Engineer – Karen Miller
Project Geologist – James Van Meter
Project Senior Technician – Randy Scarborough

This 37 acre regional shopping center was created by reclaiming a Brownfield landfill that was placed during the 1950s. Most of the landfill materials were bottles, newspapers, tires, wood and scrap metal. Clean, sandy fill material was mined from beneath the landfill. The excavated landfill materials were compacted and placed in the 45 foot deep excavation and capped with a few feet of clean, sandy fill. This backfilled excavation will become the shopping center parking lot. Clean sand that was mined from beneath the landfill was used to create building pads for portions of the shopping center complex.



The Springs Shopping Center
Ramon Road & Gene Autry Trail
Palm Springs, CA