Laboratory Staff

RON ALLEN (Lab Manager/Nuclear Gauge Safety Officer)

Mr. Allen is our laboratory manager as well as a field technician, contributing over 28 years of professional experience to GSC. He’s a certified California Radiation Safety Officer, is certified for Nuclear Gauge and Radiation Safety monitoring, has OSHA Hazardous Waste Operators and Emergency Response Standard certification, and is NPDES trained for construction storm water sampling and analysis.

His experience in the field includes testing for soils sampling, compaction testing, installation/reading of monitoring equipment, preliminary geotechnical investigations, percolation studies, piezometer, well installation, groundwater monitoring, seismic studies, phase I environmental site characterization and assessment, contaminated soil sampling and observation of removal operations, tank removal, preliminary analyses of laboratory data, report preparation, and computer networking.

As a laboratory manager, Mr. Allen has performed, directed, and/or managed testing for moisture content, dry unit weight, wet and dry density, relative density, maximum density, direct residual shear, chemical tests, sand equivalent, consolidation, expansion index, unconfined compression, sieve analysis, washed sieve analysis, hydrometer, Atterberg limits, specific gravity, California impact, sulfate content, organic content, and multiple others.