Slope Inclinometer Monitoring

For over 30 years, GeoSoils Consultants, Inc. (GSC) has provided installation and monitoring of Slope Inclinometers throughout Southern California. These ground movement monitoring devices have been used to accurately evaluate ground performances in areas of potential landslide movement, embankment instability and settlement. Retaining devices such as pile walls can be monitored for deflection.

Slope Inclinometer installation is an economic rapid response investigative measure. It is a very valuable tool that can accurately and quickly define the depth(s) of ground movement and the rate of movement.

The data, or deflection obtained, combined with the geotechnical and geologic parameters of a site, are imperative to understanding the nature of a ground failure problem and the design of a repair. Rapid response in the field can result in quick evaluation of ground distress and can ultimately result in faster repair, less damage, and a much lower overall cost.

Once installed, one of our professional technicians will read the monitoring wells as often as required to determine and trends that may be causing damage to your project. A detailed report of out findings will be provided to you following readings of the installed wells. With this data, a comprehensive evaluation of performance can be made.


  • Monitoring slopes and landslides to detect zones of movement and establish whether movement is constant, accelerating, or responding to remedial measures;
  • Pre-emptive earthquake or disaster response and preparedness to determine severity of landslide movement, pre, and post disaster;
  • Monitoring pile and caisson walls to check that deflections are within design limits, struts and anchors are performing as expected and that adjacent buildings are not affected by ground movements;
  • Monitoring dams, dam abutments, and upstream slopes for movement during construction and impoundment and after impoundment;
  • Monitoring the effects of tunneling operations to ensure that adjacent structures are not damaged by ground movements;
  • Monitoring of wells can be periodically observed for decades after installation for real time deflection in the even of an earthquake or local ground failure.

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